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Natural gas related fires and explosions are very dangerous and take many lives every year but they are simple and affordable to avoid. One of the most effective ways of protecting a home from gas leaks is by installing an excess shut-off valve (EFV) in the gas line next to the meter outside the home.

Eichler Valve announces availability of an EFV (in bypass or non-bypass) that is affordable and easy to install. The Eichler Valve is a Low Pressure Excess Flow Valve that is ideal for homes or businesses. It requires no extra parts, is incredibly inexpensive, and installs in minutes within existing pipes! The Eichler Valve is available in various sizes, depending on the gas needs of the home or business. Unlike other similar devices, it can be installed vertically or horizontally and is effectively accurate within 20 degrees of level.

The Eichler Valve fits snugly in the interior of the supply line next to the gas meter outside the home. The “lip” at the end holds it in place. The valve has orifices throughout that allow the required amount of gas to pass through and a pressure-sensitive spring holds a plug in place to allow normal gas flow with very little to no pressure drop. If a substantial leak occurs causing an excess flow of gas equal to the rated cutoff, the valve shuts off the flow similar to the actions of an electrical circuit breaker. When the mechanical shut-off valve at the meter is turned off, the Eichler Valve automatically resets in approximately 15 minutes. Immediate reset occurs if the meter is loosened at the seals.

The Eichler Valve is extremely effective, very affordable, and can prevent the unfortunate loss of lives and destruction of property due to natural gas fires and explosions.

Photos of the Eichler Valve

OK Corporation Commissioner, Bob Anthony (at left) & Don Eichler discuss the Eichler Excess Flow Valve during the OK Creativity Launch in front of the OIC booth.

Don Eichler and the Eichler Valve winning the
“On The Brink Award” in 2009 thanks to the Journal Record.


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